Sunday, September 2, 2007

GPEE Bus Trip Set for September, October Runs

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education will soon be visiting the 13 schools that make up the 2007 Bus Trip Across Georgia. Approximately 200 education, business, government and community leaders from around the state will participate in the two separate tours set for Sept. 25 - 27 and Oct. 23 - 25.

More than 200 stops have been made since the annual tour began in 1993. Schools selected as stops have a proven track record of academic excellence, educational innovation and sustained performance. This year's tour focuses on math and science achievement.

Traditionally, the tour attempts to provide a wide range of educational programs for riders to experience. This year will be no different as participants will experience primary through high school levels and will see innovative approaches to education.

"The schools we select and visit represent what is right in Georgia's public education system. They have all set high standards and goals and are preparing their students for the next level in their education careers," said Dr. Stephen Dolinger, president of the Partnership.

He added, "Our visits accomplish two things. While we are bringing much deserved recognition to these schools and their school systems, we are also showcasing best practices to influencers who might adopt some of these great ideas for use in their own communities."

Dolinger also explained another objective is to provide decision makers with an opportunity to see how policy impacts the classroom. "Education decisions made at the state level will ultimately reach the grassroots level. It is important for these leaders to see firsthand the results of their actions." He added that the annual trip helps highlight where and how Georgia needs to be focusing its efforts in improving student achievement.

More details, including application information, are available on the Partnership website.