Thursday, April 5, 2007

Elementary School Students Learn About Filmmaking

Video has become an important tool for communicating in today's world, and students in elementary school are no exception when it comes to communicating and storytelling with the use of video. Students at Peyton Forest Elementary School learned exactly how important video can be at the "Postcards from Buster" workshop.

During the workshop, students in third, fourth and fifth grade learned the basics of filmmaking, received a media literacy lesson, learned how to storyboard their ideas, and created original videos that were about one minute in length. Students also learned how to edit their videos using iMovie.

The submissions created by the students will be submitted to the "Postcards From You Film Festival." Chosen videos from the festival will be shown in late spring 2007 as interstitials between the new season of Arthur.

Videos from the workshop are titled "School of the Tiger" and "Be Creative." Thomas said both of these videos were submitted to the "Postcards From You Film Festival," and students are waiting to hear whether or not their film will be aired during the new season of Arthur.

Cynthia Thomas, Media Specialist at Peyton Forest Elementary, said the workshop really has helped the students learn the fundamentals of operating a video camera.

As a result of the workshop, Peyton Forest now has a Press Club. The newly formed Press Club videotapes all events at the school and is making a school documentary to present to the principal at the end of the year.