Wednesday, November 8, 2006

New Animated Science Series for Children

The Zula Patrol, the 21st Century's newest space team, has arrived at GPB. Pre-kindergarten through second graders are taught critical facts about science and astronomy by watching this new series that has been called the "Sesame Street of the New Millennium."

Aligned with National Science Education Standards, this 3D/CG animated educational children's series is designed to address the need for quality children's programming in the area of science. During each episode, children learn new and interesting facts about the universe, galaxy and solar system with fearless Captain Bula, top-notch pilot Zeeter, brainiac Professor Multo, loyal space pet Gorga, and twin flying companions Wizzy and Wigg.

While teaching children critical elements about the universe, The Zula Patrol also encourages core values of non-violence and tolerance and promotes family participation and interest in learning about science and astronomy in a fun, comic style.

Teachers, parents and children can visit The Zula Patrol's interactive Web site for additional learning materials, including vocabulary lists, pictures of the characters for coloring, games and creative storytelling.

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