Sunday, October 8, 2006

American History through Southern Eyes

Georgia Public Broadcasting has collaborated with several Augusta, Ga. area organizations to produce a new series entitled American History through Southern Eyes. This six-part series examines our nation's past from a uniquely southern perspective, capturing the events and personalities that affected the South and its development.

The Augusta area is used as a case study to illustrate the history of the South and why it continues to fascinate us today. The individual programs, each approximately thirty minutes in length, are entitled "Living the American Revolution," "King Cotton," "Living the Civil War," "The Road to Civil Rights," "Making a Modern South" and "World War I and the South." Each episode delves into historical topics and includes interviews with historians, period artwork, archival photos and artifacts, and historical reenactments (pictured).

This GPB Original Production airs for the first time this month. Don't miss your chance to watch this series from the beginning!