Friday, September 8, 2006

Announcing the Education Web site for Georgia Outdoors

A new education site has been created to complement Georgia Outdoors, Georgia Public Broadcasting's (GPB) award-winning environmental program, and will debut on September 8. The site pulls new and pre-existing resources together that relate to components of the program.

Georgia Outdoors covers many topics pertaining to environmental education, such as ecosystems, habitats and food webs. All of these topics correlate with the Georgia Performance Standards for students in third through seventh grade. Environmental educators, students and parents can find helpful lesson plans, activities, places to go, links and writing prompts on the new education site.

The debut of the education site for Georgia Outdoors is just in time for the debut of the show's 15th season, which airs this month. Georgia Outdoors takes viewers across the state to learn about how to enjoy and protect the environment.

Georgia Outdoors
is co-produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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