Tuesday, November 1, 2005

GPB November Staff Feature: Linda Johnson

We at GPB are fortunate and proud to have such an extraordinary staff. Because we have such amazing people working to provide you with the best educational resources available, we thought you might be interested in knowing about some of the incredible things they do.

This month we are featuring Linda Johnson, Elementary Education Project Manager, for her completion of the 2005 Portland Marathon. In preparation for the big run, Linda trained for eight months. Her training consisted of three to four runs per week (between 3-12 miles each time) and a long run on the weekend (starting at 6 miles and working up to 23 miles).

Time management and discipline were key factors in Linda's success, concentrating on staying well-rested, lifting weights, running, and making healthy eating choices. By the time Linda had completed her training, she had run over 800 miles.

When asked about the day of the race Linda said, "During the race, the first 13 miles were a piece of cake - I was very comfortable. At mile 15, the arch on my left shoe gave out and made the last 11.2 miles miserable." Even with unexpected challenges during the race, Linda pushed forward. "I highly recommend the Portland Marathon for anyone looking to run one - it was very well put together. I will never forget the feeling that came over me when the announcer at the finish line said, "And here comes Linda Johnson, all the way from Atlanta, Georgia!" and the crowd cheered me on."

We are so fortunate to have Linda on our staff, as she brings the same enthusiasm and dedication she has shown in her marathon training to GPB.