Monday, January 3, 2005

Pipeline To Cross the Digital Divide

Pipeline has been a resource that Georgia teachers and media specialists have counted on for ten years now, and Georgia Public Broadcasting is pleased to announce its forthcoming transformation. In February 2005, we will launch an electronic version of the magazine, which will run alongside the hardcopy version through the end of the 2004-2005 school year.

The electronic format will enable GPB to provide you with a greater number and more up-to-date articles about our activities and opportunities for professional development and student enrichment. The new Pipeline E-zine (electronic magazine) will arrive directly in your email mailbox each month, so individual teachers as well as media specialists can have a subscription. Each issue will feature photographs and short descriptions of each of the month's articles with links that allow you to click through to the website to read the entire story. Without the space limitations of the print format, the Pipeline E-zine can exhaustively discuss the issues that impact you as an educator. It will also offer you the opportunity to follow web links to additional resources at the click of a mouse rather than having to type in the web address printed in your hard copy.

Additionally, by presenting the broadcast schedule electronically, we will be able to avoid confusion created by schedule changes that arise after Pipeline has gone to press. The new online broadcast schedule (see page X for details) is more user-friendly and will allow you to easily access the schedules for all four of our satellite channels from the same page. In order to assist media specialists and teachers with the transition to the electronic format, we have designed a reporting piece that will allow you to create a printable report of those programs you wish to record, along with their broadcast dates and times.

Anyone will be able to access the Pipeline E-zine online, but you will need to subscribe in order to receive the email version with time-sensitive updates each month. Register to receive the Pipeline E-zine online today by visiting our website at and clicking on the Pipeline icon. The sooner you register, the more time you will have to ease into the transition to the electronic version while you still have your hard copy available. Beginning with the 2005-2006 school year, Pipeline will be a completely electronic publication. The shift to a Pipeline E-zine will not only allow GPB to provide you with more timely, dynamic information, but the cost savings from printing and mailing will allow us to direct more dollars toward the purchase of high quality programming and the delivery of professional development training.

Look for the new E-zine online beginning in February.