Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Presenting Russian History - Through the Eyes of Its Children

Georgia Public Broadcasting is pleased to partner with the Youth Art Connection of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, which is sponsoring a special exhibition that celebrates children's art. "Russia's Heart Through Children's Eyes: A Century of Youth Art," belongs to the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and features Russian children's art spanning 100 years.

The exhibit, which will be at the Woodruff Art Center's Center Space Gallery from October 6-31, offers Georgia educators and learners a unique opportunity to view Russian history - from the Tsarist and Soviet Periods to present day - through the eyes of its children. During the first week of the exhibit, special guests from the State Russian Museum, the St. Petersburg Children's Arts Coordinating Council, and the St. Petersburg Institute for Cultural Programs will offer workshops and seminars for both art educators and the public.

A second exhibit, which features contemporary works from the Russian Museum will be exhibited in the Youth Art Connection Gallery, Atlanta's only gallery dedicated entirely to children's art and education. This exhibit will include the "My Home Town" book of paintings produced by young St. Petersburg and Atlanta artists in 2002.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is committed to supporting the integration of arts across the curriculum. Recognizing that the limited duration of the exhibit will prevent many Georgia students and educators from benefiting from its unique combination of art and world history, GPB has committing to developing a virtual tour of the exhibit so that its impact can reach every interested Georgia learner. The tour, which will offer digital images of the art in combination with audio and video of discussions between Russian scholars and other arts leaders about the artworks and their historical context, will be available for video streaming so that it can be accessed on demand via the GPB Education website.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to offer your students to learn about the way that children across time have expressed their experiences through art and to encourage them to examine their own lives and surroundings through an artistic lens. For more information on the exhibit, contact Rebecca Des Marais, Director of Youth Art Connection at or Barbara O'Brien, GPB Education Project Manager at