Friday, August 13, 2004

Satellite Startup Tips

1. If you've lost power to the Chaparral unit over the holidays: First, power the Chaparral back on and tune the television to the channel used to view the Chaparral output. Ensure the satellite channel chosen is R7 AMC-3, Channel 14. Next, press the SAT/TV button on your Digicipher so that the SAT/TV light is lit in the display. Additionally, the green Signal light should lit in the display. GPB Education programming will now be visible on the television set.

2. If your dish has been moved from AMC-3: First, press the satellite selection button on the Chaparral remote. Now scroll up or down using the up and down arrows in the center of the remote until R7 AMC-3 is located. Ensure that R7 AMC-3 is highlighted and press enter. When the "dish is motion" display disappears, press the time button on the remote and confirm that the dish is pointed to R7-14. Channel up or down with the channel bar to select channel 14 if is not the channel displayed. See instructions above to receive GPB Education programming.

3. If the site has a green signal light and NO video:
Contact the Convergent Media Systems Helpdesk at 800 877 -7805.

If you have any additional problems operating your equipment that are not mentioned here, or if these solutions do not work for you, contact the help desk at (800) 877-7805.