Monday, September 8, 2003

PeachStar Classroom Seeks Science Enthusiasts

As PeachStar Classroom enters its second year (five schools participated in the program's pilot during 2002-2003), we wanted to take a moment to offer you the opportunity to learn more about this innovative PeachStar initiative. Emerging out of discussions with the Professional Standards Commission about the shortage of certified science teachers in the state of Georgia, PeachStar Classroom offers high school students credit-bearing college preparatory physics and chemistry courses at no cost.

Experienced Georgia educators certified in physics and chemistry developed the curricula for both courses based on the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum guidelines. The primary method of course delivery is through 30-minute video streaming broadcasts featuring teachers presenting the material to students, demonstrations of principles and techniques, students asking questions and interacting with the teacher, and short assessments of the material. A certified teacher serving as an onsite facilitator for the class interacts with the students, sets up labs, and administers assignments and assessments for the course.

Available classroom activities range from interactive worksheets and videos to online labs and quizzes. The discussion boards enable students and facilitators to post questions and receive answers from PeachStar Classroom's certified content specialists.

This year, seven schools have already decided take advantage of PeachStar Classroom, which is now available to all Georgia schools. If you would like more information about PeachStar Classroom, email Jeff White at for a CD-ROM with sample materials and a list of the requirements for participating schools. Note: Even though the first semester has already started, you may still enroll your school for second semester.