Saturday, December 7, 2002

A Day of Love and Logic with PeachStar

PeachStar and Georgia Public Broadcasting are pleased to announce that we are bringing Jim Fay to Georgia parents and educators. On December 17 we will be hosting Fay, nationally-renowned parenting and teaching expert, for a live broadcast of A Day of Love and Logic. Fay draws on 31 years of experience in the American education system where he served as teacher, principal, and administrator. He is the cofounder of the Love and Logicâ Institute, an organization dedicated "to making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic." The institute is based on the Love and Logicâ philosophy:

Children learn the best lessons when they're given a task and allowed to make their own choices (and fail) when the cost of failure is still small. Children's failures must be coupled with love and empathy from their parents and teachers.

The benefits of this philosophy are clear: it provides children with tangible limits and teaches both consequences and healthy decision-making. The Love and Logicâ process involves four key concepts:
- shared control
- shared thinking/decision making
- equal shares of empathy and consequences
- maintenance of the child's self-concept

By giving children the latitude they need to make mistakes and then learn from them while at the same time providing a strong system of support, parents and teachers help children to learn to make more responsible choices. No matter what the issue is a child has to deal with, it is imperative that he be able to make good decisions based on his previous experiences, both successes and failures.

For more information about the program or to register to attend this ground-breaking PeachStar-sponsored event, visit the Love and Logicâ website.