Saturday, November 9, 2002

Studio GPR Brings Local Music Scene to Listeners and Learners Across Georgia

In September of this year, Georgia Public Radio (GPR) launched Studio GPR, a two-hour weekly music show that blends in-studio musical performances with interviews with guest artists. Studio GPR's host, Terrance McKnight, a music producer here at GPB and an adjunct professor of music at Morehouse College, refers to the show, which features local and nationally renowned artists as "a window onto Georgia's vibrant musical landscape."

Beginning his radio career at National Public Radio as a staff member on NPR's Performance Today, Terrance views Studio GPR as an opportunity to share with listeners the "incredible amount of great music being made all over Georgia every day." In addition to sharing music with his audience, Terrance offers insight into the lives and thoughts of the musicians themselves through the interview component of the show.

One of Terrance's goals for Studio GPR is to ensure its educational value to the Georgia learning community. He plans to accomplish this goal by bringing artists and student audiences into the studio the first Tuesday of each month to record a session to be used in upcoming editions of Studio GPR. During these sessions, similar in structure to master classes, students will have an opportunity to ask questions of the artists performing and on some occasions bring their own instruments. Student audiences will range from grade five to grade 12 and will come away from their experience at Studio GPR with a greater knowledge of public radio style, an understanding the basics of music performance in a studio setting, and the benefit of interaction with professional musicians.

Be sure to record the following November Studio GPR features at 8 PM Thursdays and 10 PM Sundays to share with your class:

* Georgia's All State Bands & Orchestra
* Georgia's Middle School Treble & Mixed Chorus
* Georgia's All State Jazz Band...and more.