Saturday, October 6, 2001

Presenting PeachStar's New Staff

The PeachStar team is pleased to welcome the addition of the following people to better serve Georgia teachers and students.

Chrissy Bramhall, Instructional Support Coordinator

Chrissy is the mastermind behind the ongoing redesign of the PeachStar website. She is using her Master's Degree in Information, Design, and Technology to create PeachStar's first ever on-line Program Guide, which will enable teachers to get the most up-to-date program information every day! With Chrissy's help, PeachStar is creating a more user-friendly website that will make it easier for teachers and students to navigate their way around to find the information and services they need. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how our website could serve you better, feel free to contact Chrissy.

Gwen Clayton, Administrative Assistant
As Administrative Assistant, Gwen works with the Division Director to ensure that the division's budget is in place to allow PeachStar to bring Georgia classrooms all of the goods and services we provide each day. If you participate in any projects with PeachStar as a consultant, you can contact Gwen with questions about payment. Along with Jascenda Pasley, she will help you with any questions you have about what PeachStar has to offer.

Marilyn Dent, Traffic Assistant

Marilyn came to PeachStar from the Dekalb County School System, where she served as a media clerk. Before that, she worked for ten years in traffic and operations at WPBA. Marilyn will assist the rest of the Instructional and Technical Support Team with the daily tasks of satellite traffic and operations. She will be responsible for identifying programs for air and working with engineering to make sure that they broadcast via satellite to Georgia classrooms on time. Additionally, she will manage the PeachStar video repository and assist callers with their Video on Request needs.

Phyllis Grant, Elementary Education Project Manager
We are very excited to welcome Phyllis to our team of Project Managers. Phyllis, who holds a Master's Degree in both Elementary Education and Supervision and Administration as well as a Leadership Degree, will devote all of her time and energy to the specific needs of elementary educators. As an elementary school teacher, you will contact Phyllis anytime you want to schedule a PeachStar training, need assistance with the development of lesson plans to accompany PeachStar programming, or desire to learn how to integrate multimedia into your classroom. These are only some of the ways in which Phyllis is ready to serve Georgia educators; contact her directly with any needs you have for your elementary classroom.

Jascenda Pasley, Office Assistant
Jascenda will be the new voice of PeachStar customer service for teachers and media specialists. She is the first one you will speak with when you call PeachStar for assistance with scheduling, programming, ordering, or anything else you may need. Jascenda has been familiarizing herself with all of the services that PeachStar has to offer Georgia educators and will be glad to help you with all of your PeachStar needs!