Sunday, April 1, 2001

Japanese is Now Available to Your School

There are many bright, highly-motivated high school students in Georgia who want to study Japanese, either because they are interested in that fascinating culture or because they recognize Japan's considerable influence in the international business community. Trouble is, there is a shortage of teachers certified to teach Japanese, and the language is not offered at many Georgia high schools. Now every student attending a Georgia high school can enroll in a full-credit, two-year Japanese foreign language course. And it's free!

For years students in Georgia and other states have been learning Japanese - and receiving two years of high school foreign language credit - by participating in Irasshai. This PeachStar program is a comprehensive curricula consisting of 138 30-minute video lessons, supplemented by twice-weekly conversation practice with native speakers of Japanese, textbook materials, and a highly developed interactive web site.

Schools in other states pay for Irasshai at a rate of several hundred dollars per student. Until this school year, Georgia schools also paid a slightly reduced fee. But no more! Irasshai is now offered to Georgia schools at absolutely no cost! This applies to all high school students attending a Georgia public, private or home school.

Schools are responsible for providing a classroom teacher to act as course facilitator. The facilitator takes attendance, collects homework, monitors tests and provides a positive instructional environment. Actual instruction, conversation practice and the grading of most tests are provided by Irasshai staff. Best of all, the facilitator does not have to be certified to teach Japanese. In fact, many facilitators learn Japanese right along with their students. Facilitators also may become PeachStar representatives and receive special perks and bonuses.

In March, PeachStar mailed a letter and other Irasshai informational materials to every public high school in Georgia. In the letter, we invited principals and foreign language department heads to request Irasshai registration and student recruitment packets. If you know of students at your school who would be interested in taking Japanese, contact your school office to make sure that a registration packet has been ordered. If your school did not receive the March mailing, please contact PeachStar directly at 1-800-883-7444.