Tuesday, February 6, 2001

How Can I Use Technology and the QCC with

Teacher Universe/Galaxy Classroom brings many best practices in teaching and learning together with an extensive array of resources, including hands-on and minds-on investigations, take home extensions, interdisciplinary connections and teacher learning opportunities with ongoing support - all delivered through state-of-the-art telecommunications and quality interactive/inquiry-based video.

Teacher Universe/Galaxy Classroom is proud to announce the inclusion of IntegrateOnline101 into the Galaxy Classroom professional development series. Galaxy teachers will have the opportunity, at no additional charge, to learn and practice effective technology integration through online resources to support their Galaxy standards-based curriculum. In addition, the technology integration skills learned in IntegrateOnline 101 can be applied to all subject areas to enhance their classroom curriculum.

Teacher Universe IntegrateOnline 101

IntegrateOnline 101 is a classroom, scenario-based, online program, incorporating multimedia demonstrations and simulations, narration, and interactive hands-on projects. Based on learning objectives, teachers learn to use technology to support their standards-based classroom to engage students and reinforce learning.

Each IntegrateOnline 101 course includes a pre-and post-assessment that creates a custom learning path for each participant. Progress reports can be instantly generated online. Teachers can work with Integrate Online 101 at their own pace, in their own style, anytime, anywhere, with no lost classroom time.

How do I become a Galaxy Classroom?

Galaxy Classroom is an elementary science and language arts curriculum. Galaxy Classroom integrates all of the QCC requirements with video (via PeachStar!), hands-on investigations, and communication via email. Kids and teachers are using satellite and Internet technologies for a compelling reason! There are 435 registered Galaxy schools in Georgia, with over 2,000 registered teachers, and over 50, 000 kids!

Registering to be a Galaxy Classroom is FREE, through funding from the Georgia General Assembly.
To register for Galaxy Classroom or for the Integration courses,
contact Christine Kane at ckane@galaxy.org or 800-303-9070, Ext. 41.
Check out our family of web sites: www.galaxy.org and www.teacheruniverse.com.