Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Video On Request

Video on Request is one of PeachStar's most popular services to Georgia schools. Have you ever missed a PeachStar broadcast because of equipment failure or other technical difficulty? Or, perhaps you were all set to record a program when the bell for a fire drill rang. Or maybe you just didn't know about a broadcast until it was over. These are the types of problems that Video On Request was designed to remedy. The service allows library media specialists and classroom teachers to call PeachStar and request a special rebroadcast of programs that have been missed for whatever reason. And that's not all; you can also use the service to request customized Theme Packets of programming. Say you are building a lesson plan around the topic of the Revolutionary War. You can call Video On Request, tell us what you are looking for, and we will go through our entire tape library and identify all the programs that pertain to your interest. Then we would blockfeed all of that programming at a time convenient to you.

Making a request is easy - just phone (404) 685-2580 if calling from the Atlanta area. Our toll-free number is 800-222-6006, Ext. 2580.

Before you make a request:

You might want to take a few minutes before making a request to scan the program listings in your current Pipeline, or search the database in the Broadcast Schedule section of PeachStar's web site, to determine whether the programming you are interested in is already scheduled for airing on one of PeachStar's channels in the near future.

Please allow a 72-hour turn around for requests of rebroadcasts. If you are requesting a Theme Packet, it may take longer. Also be aware that PeachStar does not have the rights to rebroadcast some series and programs (for example, the GALAXY Classroom series and Reading Rainbow).

Video On Request is a valuable resource for Georgia classrooms. Please take advantage of it!