Friday, October 8, 1999

Georgian Named Top Library Media Specialist in U.S.

Nancy Clark, until recently the library media specialist at Druid Hills High School in DeKalb County, is the 1999 School Library Media Specialist of the Year. Clark received the national recognition from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). This summer Clark accepted a new position as Instructional Technology Coordinator for DeKalb County Schools. She had served as media library specialist at Druid Hills High for 18 years and before that was a classroom teacher for seven years.

The AECT award is the latest of many honors that Clark has received in her career. In 1997 she was named Georgia Media Specialist of the Year by the Georgia Council of Media Organizations. Clark considers herself "first and always a teacher," and her students and colleagues agree. She was Druid Hills High's 1997 Teacher of the Year and was the recipient of the Emory University Excellence in Teaching Award for 1987 and 1995.

Throughout her career Clark has served in many professional organizations, often in leadership capacities. She is a past president of the Georgia Library Media Association. Community activities include involvement with Habitat for Humanity, the Women's Resource Center, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Red Cross and Eglestons Children's Hospital.

Clark is a big fan of the PeachStar Satellite Network and reports that Druid Hills has used Georgia Stories, SALSA, GED, NASA programming and various programs on history, health and safety and staff development, including Technology in the Classroom and Multimedia in the Classroom.

"I think the resources that our satellites make available to unserved and underserved areas are especially valuable," Clark says. However, she expresses concern that many schools with limited resources may not be able to take full advantage of satellite and cable resources because they cannot afford technology such as descramblers and school-wide distribution systems. "We must continue to expand and improve the access to all students and teachers."

Nancy Clark is a tremendous asset to the students, faculty and staff of DeKalb County Schools, and she is an outstanding representative of all Georgia educators. Congratulations to Nancy Clark, 1999 School Library Media Specialist of the Year.

And if you're going to be at COMO ...

PeachStar will host a special reception honoring Nancy Clark at the Georgia Council of Media Organizations (COMO) conference on Jekyll Island. The reception will be in Room #8 ("Ocean View") of the Jekyll Island Convention Center on Thursday, October 21, from 7:15-8 p.m. Come by and say hello - and receive a free gift from PeachStar!