Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Student Creativity Celebrated at State Media Festival

This May, Georgia Public Broadcasting hosted the 2004 State Media Festival. Almost 100 judges from across the state joined us to evaluate nearly 650 media projects. Judges spent the morning and early afternoon of Friday, May 7th reviewing projects and providing feedback to the authors. Projects included websites, PowerPoint presentations, live-action videos, animations, and photographic essays. These projects were produced by students from kindergarten through 12th grade from all across the state. Some projects were produced specifically for the media festival; others were done as class projects or even independent study. Nearly 150 projects were deemed superior and advanced to the International Student Media Festival, which will take place in October at the 2004 AECT national convention in Chicago.

The International Student Media Festival, now 30 years in existence, is hosted by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology; the Georgia State Media Festival is a sanctioned state festival and has been taking place for 27 years. Entries for the media festival are first judged at the school level, if a school chooses to host such a festival. Those projects earning a score of 98 or above advance to the system level festival, encompassing winners from all the schools in that school system. System level winners are then sent to the State level, and State winners move on to International.

More information on the International Student Media Festival can be found at their website, http://www.ismf.net. For more information about participating in the Georgia media festival, sponsored by GAIT, the Georgia Association for Instructional Technology, visit http://www.gait-inc.org.